Lost My StumbleUpon Toolbar

January 11, 2006

I lost my SU toolbar a few days ago. I was just about ready to spot some interesting webpages when I notice my favorite toolbar was missing.

After a few moment’s consternation, I tried to uninstall and then reinstall, but nothing happened.
I googled it, and found a similar problem where an extension was interfering with the SU toolbar. Thinking I may have a similar problem, I began deleting extensions that I use infrequently.

Web Developer On my second try, I found out that Web Developer was causing my SU toolbar to disappear.

After uninstalling Web Developer, my SU toolbar returned in all it’s glory!


20 Responses to “Lost My StumbleUpon Toolbar”

  1. Ruth Taylor Says:

    Where did my SU toolbar go? Why does it disappear??

  2. Shon Says:

    same ?

  3. Marysia Says:


    I don’t have Web Developer… I uninstalled & reinstalled, and uninstalled all the Add-ons that I’d updated or installed in the last few days, but no dice…


  4. Marysia Says:

    Got your email John – thanks for contacting me. Uninstalling all the add-ons was the next thing I did, and that didn’t work. But I found out in the end what it was – so obvious that it seems like I must have been having a stupid day. But I think there are so many utilities & bars & so on with Flock that it can get in the way of thinking about the obvious: I kept right-clicking on different places on the toolbars and in the end I got the toolbars options come up: and guess what, the StumbleUpon toolbar wasn’t checked. I have no idea why it got unchecked that day, but that’s all it was 😀

  5. Bdox Says:

    If it disappears, hit control+F11

  6. Josh Says:

    This happens to me every so often. If you are using Firefox this is the way I fix it. A manifest will embed itself in your firefox folder for reasons I don’t know. But go to C:/program files/mozilla firefox/chrome if you see a file called m3ffxtbr.manifest go ahead and delete it. It does no damage to the functionality of firefox and completely restores your stumble toolbar

  7. geoff maddin Says:

    Josh, that works, many thanks

  8. josh Says:

    yea mine dissapeared as well and i dont have the m3ffxtbr.manifest in my chrome folder of firefox.

    what do i do now?

  9. Ryan Says:

    I updated Skype to 4.0 and lo and behold, Stumbleupon was gone from my toolbar area. I declined the Skype/eBay toolbar option during setup but I still found a Skype related add-on that I uninstalled. That brought Stumbleupon back to me (after restarting Firefox, that is).

  10. thebigfatgeek Says:

    Just happened with me now as well after updating to the latest Skype Uninstalled Skype Helper and bingo, we are stumbling again!

  11. Menard Says:

    Same thing with me. Skype firefox extention conflicts with stumble upon. Unintalled it and I’m stumbling again

  12. David Says:

    Yes – me too. Mine also vanished and Skype was the culprit. A thousand thanks to the above for pointing me in that direction. Simple enough to fix when you know how!

  13. Shant Says:

    Yeah, same here…The Skype add-on seems to conflict with SU. Just disable it and voilà, SU is back in business!!! Thanks to all who led me in this direction, I absolutely LOVE SU and it provides me with hours of entertainment when I’m bored…I was prepared to uninstall Firefox completely and I’m grateful that I didn’t have to go that route. Thanks again! 🙂

  14. steve Says:

    I had same problem! uninstalled skype addon then hey presto my stumbleupon toolbar is back!!!
    definately some conflict there

  15. Steve Says:

    Brilliant!!! Got rid of skype add on. Back to stumbling.

  16. visualspy Says:

    yep, skype is the culprit. for those of you who don’t know how to disable it. In mozilla, go to “Tools”, then “Add ons” scroll down, find the skype addon and uninstall it.

  17. Hello, none of the above worked for me, I don’t have the Skype add-on installed, I had the Web Developer add-on but uninstalling it didn’t help. I even updated to Firefox 3.5, no difference.

    I was able to get mine back from a tip in the Firefox support forum, I navigated to my profile folder (similar to this path: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default) and deleted all files starting with “extensions” (extensions.rdf, extensions.ini, extensions.cache) and then restarted Firefox.

    Now my toolbar is back! Hope this helps anyone else for whom the previous troubleshooting doesn’t help.

  18. kate Says:

    Hi everyone, I have not got skype, and tried all of the above, unistalled firefox and the toolbar and reinstalled them, deleted extensions and plugins etc evvverrryything. My SU toolbar just wont come up! I use firefox and when i click on view > toolbars, there is no SU toolbar to check! when i click on options in the add ons menu for the toolbar, it says i have to create a profile before i can change my toolbar options. Im so confused!!! help please!!

    Thank you!

  19. vader Says:

    Darth Continent’s suggestion worked for me – Thanks!

    The path for me was: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\zlf18let.default\

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